Hope Street Family Center

Community Wellness

Hope Street Family Center is a community health, education and recreation resource of California Hospital Medical Center.  In attempts to support the whole family, community wellness activities are provided here which include:

  • Recreation and Fitness – structured wellness classes for parents and youth at the Margolis Family Center including yoga, circus arts, dance, and fitness classes.

  • Health Screening, education and cooking classes - Cholesterol screenings, blood pressure analysis, and Body Mass Index (BMI) tests offered to community members.  Screening includes access to blood glucose levels associated with diabetes and hemoglobin levels connected to anemia diagnosis. Cooking classes offer healthy alternatives and education on healthy eating.

  • Health Education and Lifestyle Planning (HELP)  – five week session for parents and children between the ages of 5-12 years, who have been identified by their healthcare provider as being overweight or obese includes weight management and practical intervention strategies.

  • Welcome Baby! Program  – universal access to home visitation and education services to pregnant and post-partum mothers, regardless of income or at-risk status, delivering at California Hospital

California Hospital Medical Center has one of the most robust Community Benefits Departments of any private community hospital.  Hope Street Family Center is a unique program that is a model for providing community wellness for the whole family from infancy through adulthood.