Early Head Start

Early Head Start offers comprehensive child development and family support services to families with children 0–3 in order for parents to support and encourage their children’s early growth, development and school readiness.

Program Goals and Objectives

Promote the overall (physical, cognitive, social, language and emotional) development of infants/toddlers through a continuum of early childhood development and health services. 

Enhance the capacity of parents to nurture and care for their very young children by providing a variety of parent education and family support services. 

Build on existing services and foster community partnerships in ways that will ensure a network of services for young children and families that are accessible, responsive, and sensitive to the developmental, cultural, and familial characteristics of our community. 

Refine and expand the existing base of knowledge, skills, and abilities of staff to improve their capacity to serve very children and their families, especially families at high risk (developmental disabilities, substance abuse, domestic violence, and child abuse).

We will achieve these goals by providing year-round home-based option services for pregnant women and children; full-day, year-round center-based services for children; and year-round combination services for children – through a family centered service model that facilitates child development, supports parental roles, and promotes self sufficiency.

For more information, contact our receptionist at (213) 742-6385.