Hope Street Family Center has a shared governance approach to program oversight and volunteer management.  Below is more information about the Hope Street Fund Development Committee that reports to the CHMC Foundation Board, the Hope Street Early Head Start (EHS) Governance Commitee that reports to the CHMC Community Board and Hope Street Parent Policy Council.


Hope Street Fund Development Committee

Hope Street Committee

The Hope Street Fund Development Committee consists of 17 professional volunteers that provide support and guidance for fundraising strategies.  The Hope Street Family Center Committee, a sub committee of the CHMC Foundation Board, directs and oversees fundraising for Hope Street Family Center.  The committee is chaired by a member of the CHMC Foundation Board and is composed of Foundation board members and community members.  The current Committee Chair is Richard Oxford and the Vice Chair is Eloise Appel.  Pictured above (left to right) is Lilith Borko, Hannah Kirschner, Shianne Hollander, Eloise Appel, Linda Ellman, Jeanne Raya, Susan Berk, Raul Vargas, Sandy White, and Richard Oxford.  Additional members include: Kelly Jones, Suzan Vida Konnel, Michelle Lainez, David Marquez, John Opgenorth, and Ramona Quinn.

EHS Governance Committee
The EHS Governance Committee governs the Early Head Start (EHS) services and provides leadership for program and fiscal oversight and development, guidance and direction for planning, and identifying and developing resources to augment federal funds. The committee is composed of six voting members:  three members from the  CHMC Hospital Community Board, one member of the CHMC Foundation Board, the EHS Policy Council Chair, and one program consultant; and four non-voting members:  EHS Director, Director of Grants and Contract, and the CHMC Foundation President.  Current members include:   Javier Cano, J. Eugene Grigsby, Denise Hanna, Vickie Kropenske,  Roberta Lanterman, Veronica Perez, Nathan Nusbaum, Carlos Antonio Vaquerano, Nancy Zambrano and Rachel Zupa.

Policy Council

Hope Street Family Center has a formal Policy Council which consists of current or past parents participating in Hope Street Family Center programming. 

The Policy Council participates in and approves the hiring of personnel; participates in the development and approval of budgets, budget modifications, and grant applications; assists with program planning and development efforts via members’ participation in annual self-assessment and community assessment processes; and plans and conducts monthly Parent Committee meetings.

The Policy Council meets monthly, with sub-committee meetings on a more frequent basis. Additionally, parents are encouraged to volunteer and participate in California Hospital Medical Center and Hope Street Family Center activities.

Hope Street Family Center seeks to include the voice of the community within the programmatic design of all of its services, not only hearing but actively listening to our community.