Healthy Marriage Program

Program Mission

"Talking Points"  aims to support parents in developing and sustaining healthy relationships, in ways that help them to be better parents and experience more satisfying, long-lasting partnerships, which will in turn have beneficial long-term effects on their children's development and future life choices.

Program Services

  • Talking Points Workshops: 8-hour intensive workshops for parents of children ages five and under that focus on improving communication, conflict resoultion, and anger management skills
  • Parenting Classes
  • Domestic Violence Support Group (women only)
  • Anger Management/Conflict Resolution Group
  • Couples Group Counseling
  • Short-term Solution Focused Couples Counseling
  • Annual Family Retreats

Call for scheduling of each class at (213) 742-5822.  Classes are typically provided in the evenings and childcare is available.


Fatherhood Program

Program Objectives

  • Strengthen family relationships
  • Develop and enhance parenting skills
  • Enhance fathers' leadership skills
  • Reduce barriers to effective parenting

Program Services

  • Parenting Training:  Concurrent 10-week parenting classes for groups of 20-25 men.  Instruction and practice with parenting skills that support children's early development, school success, and appropriate discipline.
  • Conflict Management Classes:  Conflict resolution and anger management skills training for fathers
  • Fathers' Groups:  On-going fathers' groups that offer information, encouragement, and camaraderie amongst fathers who have completed or currently participate in other program services
  • Referral and Advocacy:  Assessment of referral and advocacy needs and support for positive family development
  • Father/Child Educational Activities: Resource for more fully engaged fathers provides a venue for men to socialize and strengthen their relationship with their children and family.

For additional information, contact Program Coordinator at (213) 765-4026.