Local Colleges and Universities Partner with Hope Street to
Train the Next Generation of Nurses

Nursing students from UCLA and Mt. St. Mary’s are gaining valuable community health experience as part of an interdisciplinary training partnership with Hope Street. For their community health rotation, the students are paired with Hope Street staff and participate in home visits where maternal child health is a critical factor.  Through this immersion in the community, the students become aware of the importance of the continuity of care and public health challenges such as homelessness, domestic and substance abuse, and poor nutrition.

While partnering with Hope Street, Mt. St. Mary’s students noticed the proliferation of marijuana dispensaries in the area and decided to research the density of establishments as well as their potential impact on overall physical and mental health in the community.  Their findings became a featured study in Mt. St. Mary’s prestigious Research Poster Symposium.

Because higher education providers have identified Hope Street as a community training site, their students are able to observe the convergence of multiple disciplines impacting the future of health care.  Given Hope Street’s unique combination of family services encompassing education as well as physical and emotional well-being, these innovative training programs effectively pair Hope Street staff, social workers, and teachers with student nurses to establish a new paradigm in community health education.