Pico Union Family Preservation Network

Program Mission Statement

The Pico Union Family Preservation Program is designed to protect children by strengthening and preserving families whose children are at risk of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.  The program promotes the physical, emotional, social, educational, cultural, and spiritual growth of children in safe and caring family homes.

The Family Preservation Program is sponsored by the Departments of Children and Family Services, Mental Health, and Probation.

Program Goals

  • Assure the safety of children
  • Empower families to reach their goals
  • Build on family strengths
  • Identify and solve potential challenges early
  • Involve the community in family support
  • Decrease the multi-generational dependency upon public services

Family Preservation Services

  • In Home Outreach Counseling:  Home-based family counseling 
  • Parenting Training:  Instruction and practice with parenting skills including child development, appropriate discipline, and home management
  • Mental Health: Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health can provide your family with a full array of psychological and psychiatric services, including medication
  • Child Care: Services are available for those working or attending school or for children who may need a special day care program to help develop better social skills.
  • Transportation:  Assistance as necessary to carry out your family service plan
  • Domestic Violence/Anger Management:  Specialized group counseling services for survivors of domestic violence and individuals with anger management concerns
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Programs:  Linkage to community partner treament programs
  • Employment Training/Income Support:  Services help improve financial situation, such as job counseling and training or referral to a financial support program.
  • Education Referrals/Library Services:  Remedial education and other eduation related services
  • Health Care Referrals/Developmental Services:  Services may be available through the nework of services.  Regional Centers provide services for the developmentally disabled.
  • Housing Referrals:  Referral to community housing agencies or help with landlords and other resources to obtain housing.
  • Teaching/Demonstrating Homemaker:  Housemaking instruction to assist in successfully managing and maintaining one's home.
  • Substitute Adult Role Model:  Positive role model helps to support family goals.
  • Support Groups:  Voluntary and open-ended groups are available until services are terminated.
  • Therapeutic Day Treatment:  This service is for Probation youth only, and consists of programs to help youth resolve problems associated with delinquent behavior.
  • Early Intervention:  Services enhance the capacities of the family to meet the needs of infants or toddlers with disabilities.
  • Nutritition:  Aid with nutrition and food (i.e. food banks)  

For more information, contact Program Secretary at (213) 742-5868.