School Readiness

School Readiness prepares children and their families for successful entrance into kindergarten through full-day, center-based early childhood education and family support services.

Program Goals

Improve family stability and parental care giving capacity through 1) comprehensive family support services and 2) parent education activities that emphasize parent/family development and parental support for children’s early development and school-readiness 

Improve child development through full-day, year-round center-based early care and education services, utilizing the Creative Curriculum, for low-income, at-risk children 

Improve health through health access information and health promotion and early detection services to ensure access to health insurance, a medical home, and preventive health practices and to identify untreated medical, dental, vision, and hearing problems. 

Improve systems of care through activities will support the transition process for children entering kindergarten; encourage the involvement of parents at the child’s “new” school; provide a linkage for area schools to the Center; and support high-quality School Readiness services.